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Grinder (pronounced grindah) = sandwich/hoagie Many words common to Boston are also common throughout the New England dialects: blinkers for "automobile turn signals" (the Massachusetts Department of Transportation even has signs reminding motorists, with Boston phonetic spelling, to "Use Yah Blinkah"), packie (or package store) for "liquor store", and rotary for "traffic circle" (these full-speed circular intersections being common in Greater Boston). Se hela listan på bu.edu Bostonians use the word "wicked" to: Intensify adjectives. Insult eachother. Cast spells. Show respect.

Boston slang packie

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Find out the true meaning of "wicked," "Nor'easter," "bang a u-ey," "packie," "hoodsie," and more. Mark stars in "All the Money in the World," in Mark Wahlberg teaches you Boston slang words. Find out the true meaning of "wicked," "Nor'easter," "bang a u-ey," "packie," "hoodsie," and more. Mark stars i 2017-10-11 · Otherwise, you’d know that it equates to a slow commute because you'll be riding a trolley, not a train.

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Storlek: 130 x 240 & 130 x 280 cm Material: 90% polyester, 10% lin 2 längder i paketet Lägg upp till önskad längd. Använd gärna Nolhaga hems fållband. Tvätt: 30° Boston finns också som gardinkappa. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe?

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Boston slang packie

Sentence: The bar was packed with townies. Packie Packie = Package Store, i.e.

Also, the I heard someone from Boston say this once. #16 MrDave, Oct  Jan 30, 2017 We stumbled across the Glossary Of Boston Slang on Wikipedia a few Packie The Cape Bubbler Statie Fluffernutter Tonic (which may have  Jul 22, 2015 You must never blaspheme the gods in front of a Boston native. After I run this packie, I'll take the second exit off the rotary to get a frappe with jimmies at Town 'Dunks' is slang for Dunkin Donuts, Jun 26, 2015 Raise a glass from the packie or the pub.
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Boston slang packie

Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. 24 feb.

Packie – Liquor Store If you have any Boston Slang ideas, let us know on Facebook or Tweet us with the hashtag  But in case you do want some gin or wine or beer, you go to a packie.
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Packie Any place to purchase beer or alcohol, but not a bar. short for " Package Store," a place to buy liquor in a package to take with you. Term commonly used in Massachusetts and parts of RI and NH where massholes have settled. If we told you to bang a uey in front of that triple decker to reach the packie, would you know what the heck we’re saying?

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